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10 Chrome Extensions Every Web Developer Should Know

10 Chrome Extensions Every Web Developer Should Know

Developers are always looking for ways to make their lives easier and more productive as we all know that the process of developing an application is not as structured as it sounds . You will encounter with various bugs and obstacles that can take days to overcome. So inorder to make the process easier there are various chrome extensions out there that every developer should try:-

1. Web developer

This extension is a toolbox for developers. You can disable JS, play around with cookies, highlight various CSS properties on the page, enable autocomplete on forms, and highlight specific parts of web pages to troubleshoot problems. It is equipped to help make your site responsive.

2. Requestly

Requestly is a testing and debugging tool for front-end developers and QA. Requestly lets developers Modify Headers, Redirect URLs, Switch Hosts, Mock API Response, Delay Network requests, and much more.

3. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is built to help you find the underlying technologies of web pages. If there is a landing page you adore, just head to that page and you can check what kind of JS, or CSS framework is used to build it.

4. BrowserStack

BrowserStack lets you test your website in real time from any browser and device, desktop or mobile.

5. Web Developer Checklist

Web Developer Checklist is a great tool for both web designers and developers. This Chrome extension analyzes your website for violations of best practices and helps you identify problem areas.

6. Amino: CSS Editor

Amino allows you to edit the CSS of your page just like any other editor. This is different from editing in the DevTools tab because stylesheets are saved and applied each time the page is opened.

7. Ghostery

This extension is designed to make your web browsing as private as possible. You can decide whether websites can access your personal information, offer anti-tracking to remove data points, smart browsing to prevent trackers from interfering with website performance, and much more.

8. Octotree

OctoTree enhances GitHub with an IDE-like code tree, bookmarks for repositories and issues, and more. This extension allows you to see an overview of your GitHub repository’s file structure in a small side panel, saving you time and helping you work more effectively. It also provides features such as pull request reviews, repository searching, and bookmarking.

9. Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Chrome extension runs tests on your page and generates a complete performance profile. An easy way to quickly audit your site and see at a glance where improvements are needed.

10. React Developer Tools

The React developer tools are designed to help you debug React applications. If the extension is installed and your website uses React, the extension will be highlighted and the developer tools will show the Components and Profiler tabs. The Components tab shows the application tree structure and the Profiler tab lets you record performance.

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