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A react native flexbox grid similar to bootstap’s web grid

A react native flexbox grid similar to bootstap's web grid


A react-native flexbox grid similar to bootstap‘s web grid.

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Check the DEMO, built with Storybook and react-native-web.

Getting Started



npm install --save react-native-flex-grid


yarn add react-native-flex-grid


import { Container, Row, Col } from 'react-native-flex-grid'; const MyComponent = ( <Container fluid> <Row> <Col> <Text>.col</Text> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col> <Text>.col</Text> </Col> <Col> <Text>.col</Text> </Col> <Col> <Text>.col</Text> </Col> <Col> <Text>.col</Text> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col xs="3"> <Text>.col-3</Text> </Col> <Col xs="auto"> <Text>.col-auto - variable width content</Text> </Col> <Col xs="3"> <Text>.col-3</Text> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col xs="6"> <Text>.col-6</Text> </Col> <Col xs="6"> <Text>.col-6</Text> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col xs="6" sm="4"> <Text>.col-6 .col-sm-4</Text> </Col> <Col xs="6" sm="4"> <Text>.col-6 .col-sm-4</Text> </Col> <Col sm="4"> <Text>.col-sm-4</Text> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col sm={5} smOrder={2} smOffset={1}> <Text>.col-sm-5 .order-sm-2 .offset-sm-1</Text> </Col> <Col sm={5} smOrder={1} smOffset={1}> <Text>.col-sm-5 .order-sm-1 .offset-sm-1</Text> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col md={6} mdOffset={3} sm={12}> <Text>.col-sm-12 .col-md-6 .offset-md-3</Text> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col sm="auto" smOffset={1}> <Text>.col-sm-auto .offset-sm-1</Text> </Col> <Col sm="auto" smOffset={1}> <Text>.col-sm-auto .offset-sm-1</Text> </Col> </Row> </Container> ); export default MyComponent;

Modifying Grid Configuration

The grid is 100% modifiable, checkout the detailed docs

Responsive utils

Checkout the detailed docs for a set of useful responsive utilities like css/scss like media queries.


Checkout the detailed docs to understand how to run the repo locally and how to develop with it.

Helpful resources


Pull requests are highly appreciated! For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

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