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A responsive React draggable sheet and dialog component

A responsive React draggable sheet and dialog component


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🏞️ 🎢 🛝 A responsive React draggable sheet and dialog component.

No more hard to use and dismiss modal experiences for mobile users.
Instead react-sheet-slide provides a fully draggable sheet
that properly blocks weird overscrolling and focus bugs. Then on desktop
this component optionally supports a fully-featured modal.
Alternatively the sheet can be used on desktop as-well if so desired.


  • Responsive way to display blocking modal-like content on mobile web-apps.
  • Accessible with proper scroll & focus blocking, with Esc to close on desktop.
  • Supports dark and light mode out of the box
  • Customizable detents
  • Similar API to Apple’s UIKit sheet
  • Supports Server-Side rendering.
  • Built with css-modules (no styled-in-js library needed)


Light Mode

react-sheet-slide fully expanded and scrolled up in light mode.    react-sheet-slide fully expanded and scrolled down in light mode.

Dark Mode

react-sheet-slide fully expanded and scrolled up in dark mode.    react-sheet-slide fully expanded and scrolled down in dark mode.



yarn add react-sheet-slide @react-spring/web@^9 @use-gesture/react@^10


npm install react-sheet-slide @react-spring/web@^9 @use-gesture/react@^10


This library is largely based on the fantastic react-spring-bottom-sheet. While react-spring-bottom-sheet is much more feature-packed than react-sheet-slide, supporting more props like many different callbacks on sheet snap start/end.
However the extra dependencies like xstate and the resize-observer polyfill can lead to a larger bundle size.
Also using react-spring as a dependencies instead of a peer dependencies limits users of the library from
controlling the version of react-spring they use. It can also lead to 2 versions of react-spring being bundled,
if the user is using a newer or older major version than the library.

By simplifying the API these libraries can be removed, and by moving react-spring to a peer dependencies
makes the library have a much lighther footprint. Also react-sheet-slide includes a
dark mode and a fully-featured desktop modal that can be enabled for non-mobile users.
It also adds support for a backdrop animation similar to Apple’s UIKit.


import React, { useState, useRef } from 'react' import { Sheet, Header, Content, Footer, detents, Portal } from 'react-sheet-slide' import 'react-sheet-slide/style.css' const App = () => { const [open, setOpen] = useState(false) const ref = useRef() return ( <div className="rss-backdrop" style={{ background: '#f7f8f8', minHeight: '100vh' }}> <button type="button" onClick={() => setOpen(true)} style={{ display: 'flex', margin: '28px auto 0' }}> Open sheet </button> <Portal> <Sheet ref={ref} open={open} onDismiss={() => setOpen(false)} onClose={() => { console.log('Component unmounted') }} selectedDetent={detents.large} detents={props => [ detents.large(props), ]} useDarkMode={false} useModal={false} scrollingExpands={true} > <Header>Title</Header> <Content> <div style={{ padding: '54px 16px 24px' }}> <div>Add more storage to keep everything on online</div> <div> Online includes plenty of storage to keep all your data safe and features to protect your privacy. </div> <div>Learn More About Online</div> </div> </Content> <Footer> <button type="button" onClick={() => setOpen(false)}> Close </button> </Footer> </Sheet> </Portal> </div> ) }

react-sheet-slide includes a Portal component however other portal can be used like
@reach/portal or @mui/base. The one included is just of modified version of @reach/portal however with support for string refs and defaults to body.

rss-backdrop is required to apply to the sheet backdrop effect. Omitting it will disable any backdrop styles on the sheet.
react-sheet-slide will also set a body background when the sheet is open to create the inset for the backdrop effect.
As such it is recommended to apply the background to a top level div or other container, in addition to the body.
If you want to keep your body background, use !important.


  • open

    Set if the sheet is open. When this prop is changed the sheet
    will animate and the unmount/remount. When the component fully unmounts, onClose will be called.

  • onDismiss

    Called when the sheet is dragged down or the user clicks on the backdrop. Also called when the user presses Esc.
    This method should include setOpen(false) to ensure open is false. Otherwise the sheet may not close properly.

  • onClose

    Called when the sheet finishes the close animation and is fully unmounted.

  • selectedDetent

    The default detent size that the sheet will open to.

  • detents

    List of available detents that the sheet will catch on. Reccomened to set to either detents.large or props => [detents.large(props), detents.medium(props)]
    to mimic the UIKit behaviour however can be customized using the callback.

  • useDarkMode

    Prop to control if dark mode is enabled. By default this will use the system prefers-color-scheme.

  • useModal

    Prop to control when a modal should be used instead of a sheet. If your app will likely only be used on mobile useModal={false} is reccomened.
    Otherwise it will default to true on any device larger than (max-width: 640px) to use a modal on desktop.

  • scrollingExpands

    Determines if scrolling up on the sheet body will expand the sheet. Once the sheet is expanded
    to the max detent, the sheet will be scrollable. Disabled by default to provide a more predictable scroll behaviour
    however enabling it if possible is recommended.

  • ref

    The sheet also supports forwarding a ref that will be added onto the sheet root.

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