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A Simple Notes App built using Django and React

A Simple Notes App built using Django and React

Django & React ❤️

An example of an app (Simple Notes) built using Django as a backend, and fully seperate React app as a front end. It uses jwt-token in user authorization.


How to run

After cloning the repo, do the following to setup the app:
1- from the backend folder, execute those lines:

source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python createsuperuser
python runserver

2- the django server should now be up and running.
3- from the frontend folder, execute those lines:

npm install
npm start

4- now go to the url located after Access URLs:
5- and you should see the website in the browser

About the project

In this project, I try to provide a simple boilerplate for anyone who wants to use Django as a backend, and offer jwt-auth based API.
Also, I implemented a simple notes app example using React (react-boilerplate). In case you have any questions about the code, please feel free to ask.

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