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A voting app built using React, MobX and Cosmic JS

A voting app built using React, MobX and Cosmic JS

Voting App

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A voting app that uses React for UI, MobX for state management, React Router for smooth view transitions, Cosmic JS for the CMS API, React Bootstrap for the frontend framework, Shorti for easy inline styles. View the demo here.

Getting started

git clone
cd cosmicapp-voting-app
npm install
Run in development with hot reloading

npm run development
open http://localhost:3000
Run in production connected to default bucket

npm start
open http://localhost:3000

Create Your Own Polls

It’s easy to create your own polls. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a bucket on Cosmic JS.
  2. Find the Voting App in the Apps section of your bucket.
  3. Install the voting app.
  4. Deploy your app to the web
Run in production connected to your bucket

COSMIC_BUCKET=your-bucket-slug npm start
open http://localhost:3000


By default the posts are connected to the Cosmic JS bucket voting-app. Sign up for Cosmic JS to add your own bucket, and edit the config.js file to point to your bucket.

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