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A WYSIWYG markdown editor based on Milkdown

A WYSIWYG markdown editor based on Milkdown


a WYSIWYG markdown editor based on Milkdown.
(Thanks to SoilZhu for drawing this icon!)


âœĻ Features

  • 🌈 Fluent Design – Use FluentUI components with Mica\Arcylic background
  • ðŸŠķ Lightweight – Bundle with tauri for smaller installer size and memory usage
  • 📝 WYSIWYG Markdown – provides Typora-like seamless Markdown editing experience

🚧 Todo

  • Multi-language support
  • Find/Replace
  • LaTeX support
  • More export options
  • Two-column editor

☔ System Requirements

ðŸ“Ķ How to build

This project is bundled with tauri, You should follow this guide first.

yarn install # Install dependencies
yarn tauri dev # Start development server
yarn tauri build # Bundle App

🌍 Translation

Typability add i18n support since version 0.3.0. Here is the Transifex Project. If you’re intersted in translating this project, contact me please!

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