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Address Book


This a CRUD React Address Book web application made for a technical test given to me by a company based in the UK. The task was to build an address book web application, with all data stored in a JSON flat file. The objectives were to be able to list, view, add, edit and delete records, all of which I have obtained successfully. The web app uses json as the rest backend server.

How to install

git clone

cd AddressBook

# Install frontend dependencies
npm install

# Install backend dependencies
cd server
npm install

How to run

Ensure that you have NodeJS and npm installed in your system.

Start the backend server

  1. Start the backend server first (localhost:9000):

cd server
npm start

This will run the backend server at localhost:9000

Start the client

  1. Open a separate terminal to start the client (localhost:3000):
npm start

This will run in localhost:3000

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