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A website where people can share AI generated images/prompts/models using stable diffusion. Users can create and share images along with the prompts they used, steps and any other settings they used to generate the images and share them with other people.

The main reason to use stable diffusion is that currently it’s the only open source image generator out which also makes it the most popular, and the most confusing to use because it’s more technical then the other image generation options, other image generators require you to pay a monthly subscription or by how many images you make with no way to use them locally for free, the main downside of stable diffusion currently is that it is harder to make good looking images without the correct prompt and settings compared to other models.


  • Users can create and authenticate accounts.
  • Users can search for specific prompts/images other users have posted.
  • Users can create, edit, or delete an image/prompt/model.
  • Users can follow other users they want to see more content from.
  • Users can save posts they like to a collection.


  • MongoDb
  • Express
  • React
  • Node


  • clone the repo locally.
  • open two terminals.
  • cd into client folder and run npm install and then npm start in first terminal.
  • cd into server folder and run npm install and then npm start in second terminal.


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