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Amazon Clone with ReactJS

A small web app that tries to imitate the desktop web version of amazon site, you can add items to the basket, delete them, and have your user authentification feauture thanks to Firebase.

Amazon Clone Demo Link

You can watch the site here
Click Me
(with typing credit card number as: 4242 4242 4242 4242 cvv:42424 valid date:0424)


  • Build checkout/ payment page with stripe functionality
  • Complete the checkout screen with the React context API
  • Build Login Page with full login functionality (sign up and sign in) with firebase authentication
  • Deploy cloud function to process payment (servesless)
  • Firebase for real time database
  • Deploy the App LIVE on Firebase
  • Store orders for logged in user
  • Responsive Design
  • Deploy the app live on Firebase


Özge Coşkun Gürsucu (codermother)

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