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Amy (AME) App Stack

Amy is Awesome

Amy is Awesome!

Amy App Stack is a semi-opinionated AngularJS, Material UI, and Electron project starter for your, soon-to-be, awesome Electron App.

One major feature is the integration of the ngElectron module for AngularJS. The module allows for easy communication between the Electron and AngularJS layers. The module also provides direct access to Electron itself!

Amy app stack is not for the unmotivated developer. Both AngularJS and MaterialUI take some effort to master, but allow you to make some really awesome Electron and AngularJS desktop applications using popular and up-and-coming tools.

Feel free to submit any issues, pushes, or job offers. Thanks!

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Amy Says, “Code Awesome!”

Meet Amy App Stack

Amy consists of the following components:

Name Function
Electron Desktop application wrapper
AngularJS Single Page Application Framework
Angular Material UI Google Material Design Widgets
ngElectron AngularJS Electron module
DiskDB MongoDB-like file based data storage
Material UI Icons Google Material Design Icons

Installing Amy

To invite Amy App Stack to your development environment, simply download the ZIP archive or TAR archive. Once your download completes, decompress the downloaded archive.

Rename the new directory with your own project name.

At this point, you need to open your terminal, and navigate to the new project folder.

cd my-amy-project


If amy-setup won’t open, you can try running chmod +x amy-setup first.

This will set up all the dependencies for Amy. Once that’s over, you’re ready to code!


For best demonstration results, you will need to open Amy using the command line. You can the find the Electron path by opening your Electron loader. With the command line, navigate inside your Amy project folder and run (for example OSX):

/Users/coronium/Desktop/ .

Note the dot ‘ .’ at the end.

Hit enter, and this should open up the project and show console output. Play around with stuff.


Amy App Stack includes the ngElectron module for AngularJS providing easy access to the Electron “host” layer.

Be sure to read up on it’s full functionality at the ngElectron page.

(c)2015 @develephant –
All rights reserved by the original owners, maintainers, and creators.

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