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AngularJS Bootstrap Material Design

AngularJS directives for creating bootstrap material design components based on Bootstrap material design css.

This is a work in progress.

##Getting Started

This project is an AngularJS version of the aswesome Bootstrap material design. It removes the dependency on jQuery as well as Bootstrap’s JavaScript and makes it easy to work with dynamic AngularJS components


###How to install:

run bower install abm to install via bower or grab the latest source from Github and include it in your project after the dependencies.

Include angularBootstrapMaterial module in your application:

 angular.module('app', ['angularBootstrapMaterial']);

###CSS Related Stuff:
This project doesn’t do any CSS magic, all that comes from Bootstrap material design.
For demos and documentation of typography, tables, icons etc refer the Bootstrap material design documentation


Visit for demos

Support and Contributions

If you like this project, don’t forget to star this repository.
Feature requests, bug reports and helping hands are very welcome. Please see the file.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please use the general discussion thread.


The build process uses Gulp and frontend dependencies are managed via Bower. Ensure you have nodejs installed.

After cloning the repo, run npm install && bower install to ensure you have all dev dependencies.

Once you make the changes, run gulp and load the index.html in demos folder in browser for testing.

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