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Version 0.3.0

Angular Material Design Lite

Angular wrapper for Material Design Lite.

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bower install angular-material-design-lite --save

or using npm

npm install angular-material-design-lite --save

Supported Directives

Check Documentation

Configuration options

Floating text labels and ripple effect are enabled by default.
Here’s how you can disable them:

    mdlConfigProvider.floating = false;
    mdlConfigProvider.rippleEffect = false;

Upgrading components in dynamic templates

You can use the mdl-upgrade attribute directive on elements that are inside ng-if or dynamically injected templates.
Check issue #4 for more information.

Questions, Issues and Feature Requests

Open a new issue.

What’s next?

Here’s what I’m planning for the next releases

  • prism.js for docs
  • add tooltip support
  • add tabs support
  • support indeterminate progress bar
  • move additional attributes from directive to element
  • abstract ngClass conditions into service
  • split components across multiple files
  • automate releases using gulp
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