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Web Front-End

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💻 Current Stack Version:

  • Node ^v18
  • Angular ^v15


🚀 Project setup

If you want to setup this project locally and start developing, read Setup


😎 Coding style

We make use of Javascript Standard Style while developing.

You can integrate it with eslint linter tool in your IDE to help smoothen the process by integrating automatic linting in compile time

If you want to read more about the rules, read Coding style


🧳 Dependencies

If you want to read more about dependencies in this platform, read Dependencies


🪢 Helper and Utility functions

We have several helper and utility functions that play a big part of the platform. They are available in core\helpers and core\utils folder.


📜 Change Logs:



[Version 0.0.0] – 2023-01-20





You can see all change logs Here.


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