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Bash script that installs the required dependencies for generator-angularjs-cordova for ios and android.

The aim is to get an environment that is fully configured. If any additional configuration is required, please create an issue for it.


xcode 1.6
xcode command line tools


By installing this you are accepting oracle license jdk-8u25-oth-JPR. see

Installs the following:

  • Android SDK r23.0.2 with installed API level 19
  • Android API level 19 r01 x86 image
  • Android API level 19 Nexus S x86 default AVD
  • Oracle JDK 1.8 25
  • Brew
  • Enables showing hidden files and folders
  • Ant
  • node
  • npm packages bower grunt-cli yo cordova generator-angularjs-cordova ios-sim ios-deploy
  • ipa


clone this repository and execute the script. Enter your user password when prompted

git clone
cd angularjs-cordova-osx


The aim is for the following to work after execution:

Generate a skeleton using yeoman

mkdir HelloCordova
cd HelloCordova
yo angularjs-cordova

Answer the questions and remember to check th ios box for ios support.

Basic desktop serve

grunt serve

Android emulation or device deploy

grunt build
cordova emulate android 
cordova run android 

IOS emulation or device deploy

For device deploy, open the platforms/ios/.xcodeproj project in xcode and ensure that a provisioning profile is configured for the project.

grunt build
cordova emulate ios
cordova run ios

IOS testflight distribution

grunt build cordova build ios --release cd platforms/ios ipa distribute API Token: <enter your api token from> Team Token: <enter your api token from> What's new in this release: <Replace with release message>

License: MIT

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