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aoc2022: Travis’s Advent of Code 2022

javascript 🎄 Advent of Code 2022 using 🎏 Glitch 🎏

my 2022 solutions on glitch: graceful-blossom-animal

also on github: dieseltravis/aoc2022

Days completed in a row glitch

Node.js CI FOSSA Status js-semistandard-style


  1. day one
  2. day two
  3. day three
  4. day four
  5. day five
  6. day six
  7. day seven
  8. day eight
  9. day nine
  10. day ten
  11. day eleven
  12. day twelve
  13. day thirteen
  14. day fourteen
  15. day fifteen
  16. day sixteen (doesn’t work yet)

previous years:

Glitch playlist of all years
Github list of all projects


my 2021 solutions on glitch: valiant-nervous-yoke

also on github: dieseltravis/aoc2021


my 2020 solutions on glitch: open-lovely-doom

also on github: dieseltravis/aoc2020


my 2019 solutions on glitch: ubiquitous-swoop

also on github: dieseltravis/aoc2019


my 2018 solutions on glitch: waiting-caribou

also on github: dieseltravis/aoc2018

made with Glitch



Hippocratic License HL3-FULL

FOSSA Status

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