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In fact, it has the 39mm Oystersteel monobloc middle-case of the OP essentially, which appears a little more curvaceous than the flat, trapezoid profile of the 40mm Oystersteel Submariner. The bezel of the replica rolex watches Explorer I is different on each: The OP has a domed, high-polish bezel, while the Explorer I has what Rolex calls a "Smooth" bezel. It has a flat surface instead of the convex bezel of the OP, with nicely polished.



A multipurpose, fun Discord bot for Ryanland and the Moddermore Discord.

Made with discord.js and TypeScript. Hosted on Railway.


  • Presence customization
  • Stable Diffusion metadata parsing
  • Ban syncing
  • Starboard (but catstare)


Set the environment variables DISCORD_APP and DISCORD_TOKEN.

Run yarn dev to start the bot in development mode; run yarn start in production.

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