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project for 2022hackfest
team – 404Error (number 15)


This app uses expressjs, mongoosejs for nosql database,and bcryptjs for password hashing, and jwt tokens for user auth jsonwebtoken. Multer for image storing and handling form-data, and googleapis for updating calendar. In the frontend, Tailwind for styling and Javascript for making it dynamic.

This is a simple webpage to post and get the latest events/updates.

There is an admin interface for posting events and updating/deleting the events the admin posted. Events can be viewed by anyone, only logged in users have the privilege to comment on a post. Users can register in through the, contact us for your account with admin role. The frontend has a simple design and is responsive.


For development, you will only need Node.js.
Does not have a documentation yet!


$ git clone

$ cd Bulletin-website

$ npm install

running on your system

Make sure you have node installed

$ node app

Our Team

frontend and design: Amar, Navyashree, Shishir, Gahana, Gehena, Dileep, Roshan, Anagha, Srujan
content: Amar, Navyashree, Shishir, Gahana, Gehena, Dileep, Roshan, Anagha, Srujan
backend: Srujan

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