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System to search used cars with admin

Required technologies

1. Node.js 16
2. MySQL Community Server
3. Git
4. Android Studio SDK
5. Yarn


Download the repository using the following command in your terminal

git clone

Enter the directory and install the dependencies with yarn

cd callisto
yarn install

Then run the yarn build command to build the libraries

yarn build

Create a file in the path callisto/app/android and add the Android Sdk path in the file as in the example below


Create an .env file in the path callisto/api, and add the environment variables

DB_PASSWORD=Enter the password of the database here
DB_NAME=Enter the name of the database here
DB_USER=Put your MySQL Server username here
DB_HOST=Put your MySQL Server connection host here

PORT=Put here the port that the server will listen on
TOKEN_HASH=Put a hash here for token generation

## Default admin credentials

Create a .env file in the callisto/app file, and add the environment variable as the server url, as in the example below


Starting the server

Enter the callisto/api directory and run the command below to create the tables and the default admin user

yarn migrate

Enter the callisto/api directory and run the command below

yarn dev

Starting app

Enter the callisto/app directory. Make sure you have an android emulator or device connected before running the command below

yarn android


  • To register vehicles you need to login with admin user
  • If you are in an admin account, and you want to manage a car, just click on the car card


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