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ChatGPT and Telegram bot, based on Node.js.

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MIT License

How to use

Send a message directly to the bot and a conversation thread will be created automatically.

If you wish to reset thread, you can use /start command.


How to deploy


  1. Copy the .env file to,

    1. Add Telegram bot token to TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN (How to create a Telegram bot
    2. Add ChatGPT token to CHATGPT_TOKEN (How to get ChatGPT token)
  2. Execute the command

# install dependencies
pnpm install

# Start the bot service
pnpm run run

# or run in background by pm2
# but you need to install `pm2` first
pnpm run run:pm2


# Pull image
docker pull dawangraoming/chatgpt-telegram-bot:latest

# Run
docker run -d --name chatgpt-telegram-bot -e TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN=xxx -e CHATGPT_TOKEN=xxxx chatgpt-telegram-bot


  1. Finish Unlock Thought Control function, let lover free
  2. More functional keyboard shortcuts
  3. Support setting ChatGPT token in Telegram
  4. Support different users to use different ChatGPT tokens (maybe)


MIT © DaWangRaoMing


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