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[Dai:Si] – Semantic Search Extension


This repository provides an extended version of Dataset Search UI – Dai:Si – an application that provides a user interface for querying a dataset search index.
It consists of two parts: a backend server (Node Server) and a frontend (Angular application).
The Node middleware server handles the index requests and provides a convinent API for the frontend – a modular Angular app that can be easily adjusted for a specific domain.


The extension comprises:

  1. a new Node module ‘biodiv’ for GATE Mímir enabling a semantic search over an index with biological dataset
  2. a user interface allowing a form-based input based on domain specific categories
  3. a classical UI with one input field that recognizes biological categories (entity types)


A live demo is available here:

The Node Server and its swagger API is also available:

How to setup Dataset Search UI for an own index

Please get further information on how to setup Dai:Si for your own index from the original GitHub repository:

The data model for the search index is described in

Issue Tracking

Please report bugs and issues in the GitHub issue tracker.


03.12.2022 initial release 0.1


<Dataset Search UI – Semantic Search Extension> is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL v3.0. (

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