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Contribution or Collaboration on any code repository is encouraged; while we prefer technical questions be reserved to Github (preferably to the repositories above). We are equally as happy to take any feedback through Github as Github Issues or Pull Requests on any repository. We are always looking for feedback, feature requests, or technical inquiries on this repository or by email at datagov**@** If you are a human that considers themselves or aspires to be a developer, security engineer, designer, editor/writer, or general innovator; we encourage you to take initiative and participate. is an open data website created by the U.S. General Services Administration that is based on two robust open source projects: CKAN and WordPress. The data catalog at is powered by CKAN, while the content seen at is powered by WordPress.

This repository provides the issue tracker for all code, bugs, and feature requests related to Currently the repository is only used for source version control on the code for the WordPress template, but you will also find pointers to the relevant CKAN code and additional resources documented below.



  • WordPress. The team recommends the latest version of WordPress.
  • WordPress template. The code powering the WordPress template.
    • GSA/ or this repository. The source version control of the WordPress template. The theme is provided in the /themes/ folder. The theme is based on
  • Plugins. See the routinely updated plugins page for a list of all the plugins used on
    • GSA/datagov-custom – Most specific customizations are contained within this extension
  • Deployment. Download the latest version of WordPress. This is a standard WordPress install, so please refer to the WordPress Docs. In the near future we hope to release the configuration for installing the WordPress using WordPress CLI.

Additional Resources

  • In addition to this repository, please be sure to look at the Developers section for more updates and resources, including information on’s CKAN API:
  • Design. Design assets for
  • Communications. Communication and publishing systems that power
    • GSA/idm – Identity Management for and related systems.
    • GSA/open311-simple-crm – A simple CRM application built with the Open311 API.
  • Harvest Tools. Tools to support harvesting and compliance with the format and metadata schema requirements of Project Open Data. Learn more at Project Open Data.
  • Style Guide. A content style guide for

Ways to Contribute

We’re so glad you’re thinking about contributing to!

Before contributing to we encourage you to read our CONTRIBUTING guide, our LICENSE, and our README (you are here), all of which should be in this repository. If you have any questions, you can email the team at

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