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APIs for loginning some websites by using requests.
You can star this repository to keep track of the project if it's helpful for you, thank you for your support.


This repo is created for learning python.
If I find that anyone leverage this project in an illegal way, I will delete this project immediately.

本项目仅供python爱好者学习使用, 若作者发现该项目以任何不正当方式被使用, 将立即删除该项目。

Login with Requests



  • Nodejs: Since some of the supported websites need to compile the js code, you should install the nodejs in your computer.

Pip install

run "pip install DecryptLogin"

Source code install

cd DecryptLogin -> run "python install" (2) Online run "pip install git+"

Support List

Website_EN PC Mode Mobile Mode ScanQR Mode Website_CN
weibo 新浪微博
douban 豆瓣
github Github
music163 网易云音乐
zt12306 中国铁路12306
QQZone QQ空间
QQId 我的QQ中心
zhihu 知乎
bilibili B站
toutiao 今日头条
taobao 淘宝
jingdong 京东
ifeng 凤凰网
sohu 搜狐
zgconline 中关村在线
lagou 拉勾网
twitter 推特
eSurfing 天翼
renren 人人网
w3cschool W3Cschool(编程狮)
fishc 鱼C论坛
youdao 有道
baidupan 百度网盘
stackoverflow Stackoverflow
codalab CodaLab
pypi PyPi
douyu 斗鱼直播
migu 咪咕音乐
qunar 去哪儿旅行
mieshop 小米商城
mpweixin 微信公众号
baidutieba 百度贴吧
dazhongdianping 大众点评
jianguoyun 坚果云
cloud189 天翼云盘
qqmusic QQ音乐
ximalaya 喜马拉雅
icourse163 中国大学MOOC
xiaomihealth 小米运动
tencentvideo 腾讯视频
baidu 百度
alipan 阿里云盘

Quick Start


from DecryptLogin import login

# the instanced Login class object
lg = login.Login()
# use the provided api function to login in the target website (e.g., twitter)
infos_return, session = lg.twitter(username='Your Username', password='Your Password')


from DecryptLogin import login

# the instanced client
client = login.Client()
# the instanced weibo
weibo =
# use the login function to login in weibo
infos_return, session = weibo.login('me', 'pass', 'scanqr')

Practice with DecryptLogin



  • ffmpeg: You should set ffmpeg in environment variable.
  • aria2c: You should set aria2c in environment variable.

Pip install

run "pip install DecryptLoginExamples"

Support List

Project_EN Introduction Core Code Project_CN
weibomonitor click click 微博监控
qqreports click click 生成QQ个人专属报告
bilibiliuservideos click click 下载B站指定UP主的所有视频
neteasesonglistdownloader click click 网易云个人歌单下载器
neteaselistenleaderboard click click 网易云个人听歌排行榜
userweibospider click click 下载指定微博用户的所有微博数据
neteasesignin click click 网易云音乐自动签到
weiboemoji click click 微博表情包爬取
weibosender click click 大吼一声发微博
tbgoods click click 淘宝商品数据小爬虫
jdgoods click click 京东商品数据小爬虫
delallweibos click click 批量删除微博
clearqzone click click 批量删除QQ空间说说
neteaseeveryday click click 在终端看网易云每日歌曲推荐
neteaseclickplaylist click click 网易云音乐刷歌曲播放量
cloud189signin click click 天翼云盘自动签到+抽奖
moocdl click click 中国大学MOOC下载器
modifymihealthsteps click click 修改小米运动中的步数
taobaosnap click click 淘宝抢购脚本
jingdongsnap click click 京东抢购脚本
bilibiliupmonitor click click B站UP主监控
bilibililottery click click B站监控关注的UP主并自动转发抽奖
weibowater click click 微博水军
weiboblacklist click click 微博批量拉黑脚本
weibolottery click click 微博自动转发抽奖

Quick Start

from DecryptLoginExamples import clientconfig = {
    'username': 'charlespikachu', 
    'time_interval':  1800,
crawler_executor = client.Client()
crawler_executor.executor('bilibililottery', config=config)

Thanks List

Author Time Contribution
@skygongque 2020-02-13 add verification code processing in (weibo, pc)


If you use this project in your research, please cite this project:

    author = {Zhenchao Jin},
    title = {DecryptLogin: APIs for loginning some websites by using requests},
    year = {2020},
    publisher = {GitHub},
    journal = {GitHub repository},
    howpublished = {\url{}},

Projects in Charles_pikachu

  • Games: Create interesting games by pure python.
  • DecryptLogin: APIs for loginning some websites by using requests.
  • Musicdl: A lightweight music downloader written by pure python.
  • Videodl: A lightweight video downloader written by pure python.
  • Pytools: Some useful tools written by pure python.
  • PikachuWeChat: Play WeChat with itchat-uos.
  • Pydrawing: Beautify your image or video.
  • ImageCompressor: Image compressors written by pure python.
  • FreeProxy: Collecting free proxies from internet.
  • Paperdl: Search and download paper from specific websites.
  • Sciogovterminal: Browse “The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China” in the terminal.
  • CodeFree: Make no code a reality.
  • DeepLearningToys: Some deep learning toys implemented in pytorch.
  • DataAnalysis: Some data analysis projects in charles_pikachu.
  • Imagedl: Search and download images from specific websites.
  • Pytoydl: A toy deep learning framework built upon numpy.
  • NovelDL: Search and download novels from some specific websites.


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