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An electron boilerplate project incl. PouchDB, AngularJS + Material Design

JavaScript Style Guide

Included modules

Getting started

  • install node.js (at least Node 4.4.x+ and NPM 2.14.x+ required) from here
  • install Git from here
  • install Python 2.7 from here and add the installation directory to your system path variable
  • For Windows, install Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 from here
  • For Windows, install Visual Studio 2013/2015 (Express for Desktop is sufficient).
  • clone git repository (git clone -b angularjs ./myproject)
  • open terminal and run npm install to install dependencies
  • start application in debug by executing npm start in terminal



Build Distributable Packages

  • on OS X (10.9+): creates application bundle and distributable disk image (x64 only, Mac AppStore compatible variant incl.)

    npm run build:osx             // will execute sub-tasks npm run build:osx-app (standalone) and npm run build:osx-mas (Mac AppStore version)
  • on Windows (7+): creates application .exe and distributable setup.exe (x86 and x64)

    npm run build:win32         // will execute sub-tasks npm run build:win32-ia32 and npm run build:win32-x64
  • on Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora): creates application and distributable packages for deb-style and rpm-style distributions (x86 and x64)

    npm run build:linux       // will execute sub-tasks npm run build:linux-ia32 and npm run build:linux-x64
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