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This package contains a simple email template that you may use with any framework or library.
All you have to do is install the email-template package, and you instantly have access to all email templates, saving you from having to complete all the work and install all dependencies the old-fashioned way.


npm install emailsender-js
yarn add emailsender-js


First of all, you need to import the email sender function from the package.

const { sendMail } = require("emailsender-js");

Then, you can use the email sender function to email the email template you want.

const email = sendMail(email, subject, fullName, authEmail, authPassword);

This function takes 4 parameters:

  • email: the email of the user you want to send the email to.
  • subject: the subject of the email.
  • fullName: the full name of the user you want to send the email to.
  • authEmail: this email you will use it for two things:
    • you will use it as sender address.
    • you will use it to login to your smtp server.
  • authPassword: the password of smtp server.

And all you have to do is call the function and pass the parameters you want.


👤 Abdelhaq laachari : I’m a Full stack javascript student based in Morocco, I’m 23 years. As a passionate developer who adores code, open source, and the web platform, that is how I would characterize myself. In addition to studying, I enjoy making and contributing to open source projects. That enables me to pick up a ton of fresh knowledge, progress as a developer, and assist other open source initiatives. I also like to write about technological topics on my blog.

Abdelhaq Laachari

Abdelhaq Laachari


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2022 Abdelhaq Laachari

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