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A simple lightweight Express.js Validation Library (With predefined validators [WIP])

How to install

npm install express-dry


yarn add express-dry
  • Include in your project
    Eg. routes/auth.js
const { Router } = require('express') const dry = require('express-dry') const router = Router()'/login', dry.body({ username: { type: String }, password: { type: String }, foo: { type: Boolean, required: false } }), async (req, res) => {}) module.exports = router

After this the .body will return a middleware with packed automatic validation inside and it will directly return error response to client with a {message: ''} in it

  • Same with params and query

dry.params({ id: { type: Number } }, { allowExtraKeys: false })
dry.query({ search: { type: String, required: false } }, { allowExtraKeys: true, statusCode: 200 })

Complete Example'/login', dry.body({ name: { type: String }, age: { type: Number, min: 18, max: 35 }, password: { type: String, minLength: 8, maxLength: 20 }, consent: { type: Boolean, required: false } }, { allowExtraKeys: false }), async (req, res) => {})


  • All Javascript supported primitives
  • optional payload validation with required: false
  • Will be adding more custom validations such as Email, MongoObjectId and many more 🙂


@uditkarode for drytypes


MIT ©Swapnil Soni

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