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GloRhea Website built with React.js

GloRhea Website built with React.js

Group 25

Overview of the website

The main goal of our website is we want pregnant strong women out there to think about their decision wisely
When every decision in our life is well thought of why not abortion, it is not something you decide in haste or panic,
“Remember if the woman plans of carrying the baby she is a queen whereas if she doesn’t she still will remain to be the same”.

Here are 3 different sections in the app as follows

The website consists of three sections

  • First is basic questions of why they think they are going for abortion
  • Second if they need any guidance support of mentors
  • Followed by- comes the stories page where women who have gone through this phase have shared their experience
  • A community where you won’t be judged and you can vent out your feelings.

Video Demonstration –

The video demonstration of the application is uploaded to Youtube


Tech Stack

Client: React, Vite, TailwindCSS

Library: Framer Motion

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