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Author: Jesus Quevedo
version: 1.0
author Website:
Description: a simple google slider review JS plugin using slick slider and jQuery google reviews plugins
Credits: Slick slider developers team, Jquery-google-reviews’s Jason Long

Pre – Requisits

  1. jQuery
  2. Google Api Key
  3. Enable Google Places Api
  4. Enable Google Maps Api
  5. Google Places ID

Set Up

  1. Just Copy the Code in your site and upload the slick.js file to the same file path where this code is pasted
  2. Get your Place Id at
  3. Use a text editor to open the index.html file, look for the place-id property on the JS script at the bottom of the file, and paste the id you’ll get from the above url.
  4. Done

Note: please check the slick slider documentation at for slider options and events.
Check Jason Long’s Jquery-google-reviews at to now more about the jquery-review.plugin

NOTE: Google api just allow you to get 5 reviews from their data

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