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Grocery List App Made With Node ExpressJS

Landing page:

  • Directs user to sign in with Google if not signed in.
  • Directs user to Dashboard if signed in.

Dashboard Page:

  • Lists all lists where user is owner or user.
  • Lists are editable and deletable
  • Lists also linked to list items page

List Items Page:

  • Shows List Name
  • Shows Owner Avatar & Sharing Link
  • Shows list items, sorted alphabetically and by status (“to-do” or “done”)
  • Items are editable, and deletable
  • If an item is selected, its status its toggled between (“to-do” and “done”)

List Sharing:

  • Shows name of list to share
  • Form to add users by email
  • Registered users are automatically added to list users
  • Unregistered users are added to db as invitations
  • A new invitation triggers sending an email to the unregistered user
  • Shows list owner info
  • Shows list users info
  • Users are removable
  • Shows list invitations
  • Invitations are removable
  • Upon invited user first registration, invitations are resolved into list users

Made with:

  • Node
  • Express
  • Javascript
  • Pug View Engine
  • MongoDB database
  • Mongoose
  • Passport with Google OAuth2 Strategy for authentication
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