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How To Show Latest Tweets In WordPress


Showing your latest tweets on your website or blog is a good way to engage your readers/visitors via social media. By displaying your latest tweets on your WordPress blog people may like and retweet your tweets without having to go to Twitter. Below are some plugins you can use with WordPress to easily display your latest tweets.

JetPack Twitter Timeline Widget – Free


Jetpack is a very powerful plugin with many built-in extensions you can enable/disable and one of them is the Twitter Timeline Widget so you can easily show your latest tweets on any widget area such as your sidebar or footer.

Fetch Tweets Plugin – Free


The Fetch Tweets plugin is a very popular free plugin which will allow you to easily display your latest tweets on your site either via a widget or shortcode. This is a much more extensive plugin allowing you to actually select from or create your own custom templates for your latest tweets display.

Latest Tweets Widget Plugin – Free


Simply connect your twitter account and this plugin will allow you to display your latest tweets via a widget.  At the time of writing this post this plugin has a perfect 5 star rating and is active on many websites so it seems like a great option.

Twitter Ultimate Plugin


The Twitter Ultimate WordPress plugin is a user-friendly and highly customizable plugin that will allow you to display a realtime twitter feed for any search word, username or list entered. While the demo for this plugin doesn’t look very nice it does seem very powerful. The tweets are actually fetched in real-time and displayed on the site without having to refresh the page.

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