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Twitter Authentication in Ionic 4 Apps

This repo is an Ionic v4 starter app to show you how to add Twitter Native Log In to an Ionic App. There is also a detailed tutorial to help you with the Twitter App setup and with the step by step of building this Ionic Framework app.

For this Ionic example app we are going to build a simple ionic 4 app that allows users to log in using their Twitter account. Once they log in, they will see a home page with their basic profile info.

Note: This code is for Ionic v4.

Installation of this app

Install node dependencies

$ npm install

Add Twitter plugin

$ ionic cordova plugin add --variable FABRIC_KEY=<YOUR_FABRIC_KEY> --variable TWITTER_KEY=<YOUR_TWITTER_KEY> --variable TWITTER_SECRET=<YOUR_TWITTER_SECRET_KEY>

Running the app

To run the app on your browser

$ ionic serve

To run the app on iOS

Follow the steps from

$ ionic cordova prepare ios

To run the app on Android

Follow the steps from

$ ionic cordova prepare android
$ ionic cordova run android

Get a professional Ionic 4 Starter App

Did you know that we recently released Ionic 4 Full Starter App? It’s an ionic 4 template that you can use to jump start your Ionic app development and save yourself hundreds of hours of design and development.

It is also a PWA and has a score of 100 in lighthouse. Try it on your phone as a PWA to see the magic!

It also has lots of forms and validations examples.

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