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Localization Example web application using Vite and React

Localization Example web application using Vite and React

Localization Example


Localization Example web application is created by using Vite & React.

This is a simple example of how to localize a single website into multiple languages.
A user can select between English, Spanish, and Japanese by clicking a corresponding button.

This example was created to accompany my Tech Talk on Software Localization as an example project.

Please visit this URL to view the website:


This web application lets a user click a button to change all the texts and flag image into English, Spanish, or Japanese.
The file structure is setup with scalability in mind. It is simple to add more texts and more languages to expand the page.





  • media
    • Localization-End.png
    • Localization-Jp.png
    • Localization-SP.png
  • src
    • assets
      • earth-lg.png
    • languages
      • Eng.jsx
      • Es.jsx
      • Jp.jsx
    • App.css
    • App.jsx
    • index.css
    • main.jsx
    • Translation.jsx
  • .gitignore
  • index.html
  • pacakge-lock.json
  • pacakge.json
  • vite.congig.js

How to use

  • Clone or download this repo
  • npm install to download all the node modules
  • npm run dev to start the application

To add more languages, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new jsx file in languages folder and create an object with matching key/value pairs with existing languages.
  2. The new language file needs to be imported into Translation.jsx file.
  3. Inside of getTranslations function, add a conditional statement as seen for other languages
  4. In App.jsx, create another button for the added language


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