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2017-01-25 1 02 59

Material Drive

Google Drive with Angular Material

Available features

  • Google OAuth2
  • File navigation
  • File delete, copy, move
  • FAB for new document/folder and upload files
  • Incremental search
  • Context menu
  • Infinite scroll
  • List view / Grid view


– History mode

History work on hashmode as default. if you want to run on HTML5?  
You must uncomment some codes.

  • <base> tag in /index.html.
  • .config(['$locationProvider', SetupHtml5Mode]) in /app/module.config.js.

– Set Google client id to yours

Change value of var CLIENT_ID in /app/shared/googleService.js.

– Customize Sidenav

Modify value of var menuList in /app/shared/sidenavMenus.js.


  • Prepare

npm i -g bower gulp-cli
npm i && bower install
  • For development
    npm start

  • For release

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