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Angular-Material based color picker with no jQuery or other DOM/utility library dependencies.

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Try out the demo here: GitHub Page



  1. Download tinycolor.js 1.2.1 or higher. Other versions may work, though 1.2.1 was used to develop this.
  2. Install md-color-picker.
npm install md-color-picker

Bower (includes tinycolor.js):

bower install md-color-picker

Angular dependencies

Other dependencies

The only other dependency is tinycolor.js which is an exceptional color manipulation library.


  • Include the css.
<link href="path/to/md-color-picker/dist/mdColorPicker.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  • Include the javascript.
<script src="path/to/tinycolor/dist/tinycolor-min.js"></script> <script src="path/to/md-color-picker/dist/mdColorPicker.min.js"></script>
  • Add dependencies to your application (ngCookies is optional)
var app = angular.module('myApp', ['ngMaterial','ngCookies', 'mdColorPicker']);
  • Place the directive wherever it is needed. note: this breaks the old version 0.1 as it now uses ng-model instead of value
<div md-color-picker ng-model="valueObj"></div>


Options may be set either by an options object on the md-color-picker attribute and/or using attributes. If an option is present on both the options object and as an attribute, the attribute will take precedence.

Setting options by scope object

// Controller
$scope.scopeVariable.options = {
    label: "Choose a color",
    icon: "brush",
    default: "#f00",
    genericPalette: false,
    history: false
<div md-color-picker="scopeVariable.options" ng-model="scopeVariable.color"></div>

Setting options by attribute

<div md-color-picker ng-model="scopeVariable.color" label="Choose a color" icon="brush" default="#f00" md-color-generic-palette="false" md-color-history="false" ></div>
Option Object name Attribute Option name Type Default Description
type type Int 0 Default output type. 0: hex, 1: rgb, 2: hsl
label label String “” The lable for the input.
icon icon String “” Material Icon name.
random random Boolean false Select a random color on open
default default Color “rgb(255,255,255)” Default color
openOnInput open-on-input Boolean true Open color picker when user clicks on the input field. If disabled, color picker will only open when clicking on the preview.
hasBackdrop has-backdrop Boolean true Dialog Backdrop.$mdDialog
clickOutsideToClose click-outside-to-close Boolean true Dialog click outside to close.$mdDialog
skipHide skip-hide Boolean true Allows for opening multiple dialogs. angular/material#7262
preserveScope preserve-scope Boolean true Dialog preserveScope.$mdDialog
clearButton md-color-clear-button Boolean true Show the “clear” button inside of the input.
preview md-color-preview Boolean true Show the color preview circle next to the input.
alphaChannel md-color-alpha-channel Boolean true Enable alpha channel.
spectrum md-color-spectrum Boolean true Show the spectrum tab.
sliders md-color-sliders Boolean true Show the sliders tab.
genericPalette md-color-generic-palette Boolean true Show the generic palette tab.
materialPalette md-color-material-palette Boolean true Show the material colors palette tab.
history md-color-history Boolean true Show the history tab.
hex md-color-hex Boolean true Show the HEX values tab.
rgb md-color-rgb Boolean true Show the RGB values tab.
hsl md-color-hsl Boolean true Show the HSL values tab.
defaultTab md-color-default-tab String, Int “spectrum” Which tab should be selected when opening. Can either be a string or index. If the value is an index, do not count hidden/disabled tabs.

  • spectrum
  • sliders
  • genericPalette
  • materialPalette
  • history


This is still in a very early beta, and is rapidly changing (3 versions before initial commit). I am open to any and all help anyone is willing to put in. Will update as we go.

Known issues / TODO

[ ] Break apart md-color-picker into other directives, md-color-picker-preview , input, etc.
[ ] Add i18n support.
[ ] Refactor LESS
[ ] Add optional SASS file
[ ] IE 11 Issues
[ ] Inline dropdown mode
[ ] Validation

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