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Admin User Email :
Admin password : 123456789

Sheller Email :
Sheller Password : 123456789

Buyer Email :
Byer Password : 123456789

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What Technology I Used

1. Tailwind.css
2. Css
3. Javascript
4. React
5. Firebase
6. Node.js
7. Express.js
8. MongoDB

Name Of Website

Mobile Hat


This is an use phone reshell web site .
user can buye old phone also they can shell thear old phone . every user get thre personal deshboard . genarel user can buye any phone they can reporte porduct . buyer deshboard have 2 opction they can see there wishlist and there order  .
in sheller deshbord they can see the 3 opction they can add product and delete product they can see there added product.
also have an admin dasshbord admin have all acces admin can see all user all buyer all sheller also can delete all user..
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