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My Advent of Code 2022

My projects of completed tasks in the Advent of Code1 challenge (2022 edition) –

Each day I try to complete tasks in a different, preferably previously unknown programming language.

Animation source2: here


Day Title Part 1 Part 2 Tech Stack
01 Calorie Counting 🌟 🌟
02 Rock Paper Scissors 🌟 🌟
03 Rucksack Reorganization 🌟 🌟
04 Camp Cleanup 🌟 🌟
05 Supply Stacks 🌟 🌟
06 Tuning Trouble 🌟 🌟
07 No Space Left On Device 🌟 🌟
08 Treetop Tree House 🌟 🌟
09 Rope Bridge (only part 1) 🌟

Project discontinued due to workload and a lack of spare time.


  1. Advent of Code – An annual event of Christmas-oriented programming challenges started December 2015.
    Every year since then, beginning on the first day of December, a programming puzzle is published every day for twenty-four days.
    You can solve the puzzle and provide an answer using the language of your choice.

  2. GIF by Tanjil Mahmud from Pixabay under the “free to use” Pixabay license.

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