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NPM qrcode-terminal

NPM qrcode-terminal

QRCode Terminal Edition Build Status

Going where no QRCode has gone before.

Basic Example

Node Library


Can be installed with:

$ npm install qrcode-terminal

and used:

var qrcode = require('qrcode-terminal');


To display some data to the terminal just call:

qrcode.generate('This will be a QRCode, eh!');

You can even specify the error level (default is ‘L’):

qrcode.generate('This will be a QRCode with error level Q!');

If you don’t want to display to the terminal but just want to string you can provide a callback:

qrcode.generate('', function (qrcode) {

If you want to display small output, provide opts with small:

qrcode.generate('This will be a small QRCode, eh!', {small: true});

qrcode.generate('This will be a small QRCode, eh!', {small: true}, function (qrcode) {



$ npm install -g qrcode-terminal


$ qrcode-terminal --help
$ qrcode-terminal ''
$ echo '' | qrcode-terminal


  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Windows


node-qrcode is a popular server-side QRCode generator that
renders to a canvas object.


To setup the development envrionment run npm install

To run tests run npm test


Gord Tanner <>
Micheal Brooks <>
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