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OpenAI Grammar Corrector – OpenAI API

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This project helps you to correct your English sentences to Standard English with the help of OpenAI API. Paste your text, AI will help you to perfect it.

This project consists of 2 app project.

  1. Angular15
  2. Nodejs


Follow the below steps to make it run the project in your environment;

  1. run npm install in the main directory
  2. visit and register
  3. get your API_KEY under account menu
  4. create .env in the main directory and paste your API key in it OPENAI_API_KEY=$YOURAPIKEY
  5. run node index.js in the main directory
  6. Now Nodejs backend are working!
  7. launch 2nd terminal and cd app
  8. cd openai-grammar-correction
  9. npm install
  10. ng serve
  11. Now Angular App also running, visit http://localhost:4200

OpenAI Implementation

Code below in grammerCorrection.controller.js helps us to correct our English sentences.

const  completion = await  openai.createCompletion({
model:  "text-davinci-003",
prompt:  `Correct this to standard English:\n\n${req.body.userText}.`,
temperature:  0,
max_tokens:  60,
top_p:  1.0,
frequency_penalty:  0.0,
presence_penalty:  0.0,

Contribution & Support

Follow the Issue template for informing about the issues and for making contributions.

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