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QR Code Generator based on the entered URL. Customize and download your generated QR Code

QR Code Generator based on the entered URL. Customize and download your generated QR Code

Qr Code Generator with color theme switcher

Qr Code Generator
Qr Code Generator

This app generates Qr Code based on the entered URL. It is also possible to customize and download the generated Qr Code.

Table of contents


About App

This app generates Qr Code based on the url entered.


  • Light / dark mode theme switcher
  • Qr Code ‘’ default on loading
  • Dynamically generating the Qr Code as you type the URL
  • Dynamically update the color and background of the Qr Code based on the customization input entered by the user
  • Dynamically update the customized image of the Qr Code
  • Removes the custom image of the Qr Code
  • You can download the .png of the generated Qr Code


My process

Built with

  • Semantic HTML5 markup
  • CSS custom properties
  • Grid & Flexbox
  • React – Js library
  • QRCode.react – Qr Code package
  • React Color – Color Pickers package

Continued development

Future features:

  • Serverless database connection
  • Authentication with login
  • Save the Qr Code generated

Useful resources

Getting Started

In order to view this project locally, you need to make sure you clone this repository and install it’s dependencies.

System Requirements

To check which versions you have installed you can run these commands:

git --version
node --version
npm --version

If requirements above are not installed in your computer, you’ll need to install them. By clicking on them you can go to their website, which can lead you the way.


  • Clone the repository
    git clone
  • Navigate to repository folder
    cd qrcode-generator
  • Install npm packages
    npm install
  • To run the app in the development mode run in the project directory:
    npm start


Please feel free to create an issue if you see a bug or something unexpected in the app.


  • Fork the Project
  • Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/yourFeature)
  • Commit your Changes (git commit -m 'Brief explanation of feature‘)
  • Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/yourFeature)
  • Open a Pull Request


MIT license


Thanks by Travolgi 🚀🚀🚀

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