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An AngularJS front end for automated server software install platform.

Simply choose the packages you want installed, enter your SSH information, and RackCommand will install for you.

By Brandon Chow and Andrew Paradi.



  • Filterable portfolio of available software
  • Signup page
    • Front end Facebook, Google, Twitter and Email signup options
    • Stripe credit card and PayPal options
    • Credit card authentication form using angular-payments for Stripe
    • Valid form logic prior to submit
    • Functional OAuth signup for Facebook, Twitter, Google
    • NodeJS backend to send new user information JSON to MongoDB
  • Servers Page
    • Server detail form (name, host, port, user, authentication, OS)
    • Form validation
    • Functionality
  • Software install page
  • Secure SSH install functionality


Development stopped as of December 2014.

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