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This post was submitted and published on AirPair by Fernando Villalobos ()

Content on AirPair is stored using git so we can collaboratively improve it using Pull Requests.

To edit / contribute


  1. Fork this post
  2. Edit your fork’s file on the edit branch
  3. Create a pull request from your fork’s edit branch to the parent repo’s edit branch

** Please do not merge the edit branch into master!

The easy way

  1. Fork this post on AirPair
    Fork on AirPair

  2. Edit on AirPair using the live editor
    Edit on AirPair

  3. Create one-click Pull Requests from the live editor
    Pull Request on AirPair

Accepting / merging contributions

All contributions come in the form of Pull Requests. Use GitHub to view and merge or reject Pull Requests.


AirPair does not automatically “sync” with the master repo. As an author you may sync your post while it is still in community review. Once fully published, find an editor in AirPair chat to sync HEAD with the live version published on

Licensing of Content

Content submitted to AirPair with no monetary exchange belongs to the author. If a finacial exchange has occured between the author and AirPair, AirPair assumes ownership of this content. This content may not be published anywhere other than without the owners consent.

Contributors are granted rights to copy this content for the purpose of contributing, however under no circumstances do contributions grant co-ownership rights with the owner of this content.

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