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React component for rewarding users

React component for rewarding users

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React Award

This React component displays a solid color mask with the silhouette of an image, and when triggered, it performs a fade-in effect to reveal the image. Additionally, the component also plays a Lottie animation.

Alternatively, a component can be passed as a child instead of an image, transition effects and lottie animation will be applied but the silhouette will not be displayed.

The idea behind this package is to add gamification to the applications we write by rewarding the user for achieving different achievements. I welcome any suggestions for including other gamification components in this library, feel free to contribute.


Basic Custom component
Customized Using placeholder


yarn add react-award


npm install react-award --save

Please note that @lottiefiles/react-lottie-player is a peer dependency and must be installed in order to use this package.

Basic Usage

import React from 'react'; import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; import { Award } from 'react-award'; import 'react-award/dist/react-award.css'; // user-defined assets // import image from './image.png'; // import animation from './lottie-animation.png'; const App = () => { return ( <div className="app"> <Award playOnHover={true} image={''} animation={''} /> </div> ); }; ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'));

Customize animation size

<Award playOnHover={true} image={image} animation={animation} playerStyle={{ top: '-50%', left: '-50%', width: '200%', height: '200%', }}/>

Customize image size

Image and mask image components default to width 100% and height 100%. You can change the image size
by changing the container size:

<Award playOnHover={true} image={image} animation={animation} style={{ height: 200, width: 200, }}/>

You can check the example within the repository to see how the package can be utilized.


Prop Type Description Notes
image string The ‘source’ property of an image It can be an imported asset or a URL string
animation string Lottie animation file It can be an imported asset or a URL string
duration number Use this property to define the duration of the transition It does not affect the duration of the animation
play boolean Set to ‘true’ to play the animation This is ignored if ‘playOnHover’ is set to ‘true’
playOnHover boolean If this is set to ‘true’, the animation will be triggered when the user moves the mouse over the component
backgroundColor boolean To change the mask color
showPlaceholder boolean Set this property to ‘true’ to show a placeholder effect when the animation is not ready to be displayed
speed number Animation speed
segments [ number, number ] Use this property to play only specific segments of the animation
style CSSProperties Container styles
imageStyle CSSProperties Image styles
maskStyle CSSProperties Mask styles
playerStyle CSSProperties Player styles
onComplete () => void Called when the lottie animation has finished



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