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React hook for logging per component lifecycle

React hook for logging per component lifecycle
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🪵 React Log Hook
Lightweight & customizable logging hook for your react components lifecycle

🪵 react-log-hook

React hook for logging per component lifecycle


  • 🪶 Lightweight — under 1.5 kB gzipped & minified
  • 🗂️ Typed — made with TypeScript, shipped with types
  • 🥰 Simple — don’t worry about any changes in your props & state
  • 🔧 Customizable — able to change everything you see in the logs
  • 🔬 Tested — up to 💯% unit test coverage
  • 🏎️ Fast — native react hooks & optimized
  • 📭 No dependecies


With npm

npm install -D react-log-hook

With yarn

yarn add -D react-log-hook


Basic usage

import { useLog } from 'react-log-hook' const App = () => { // Add a logger const { log } = useLog() const [state, setState] = useState(null) // Log the changes via console in real time! log(state) return null }

Configuration options

import { useLog } from 'react-log-hook' const App = () => { // Any configuration properties are optional const { log } = useLog({ environments: [ /** Contains array of environments of `process.env.NODE_ENV` in which logging will be allowed */ 'dev', 'development', ], // Print Options styles: { /** Contains styles object with different CSS inline styles used in logging */ componentCSS: 'color: DodgerBlue' /** Inline css for rendering component name in the logs */, changeCSS: 'color: green; font-weight: bold;' /** Inline css for rendering current value in the logs */, subValueCSS: 'color: SlateGray; font-weight: thin;' /** Inline css for rendering any additional data like time or previous value in the logs */, }, printer: console /** Contains custom implementation of console */, logLevel: 'log' /** Level of logging defined by console method */, /** Render object or array inline or via interactive browser renderer */ inline: true, isGroupingEnabled: true /** Enable grouping for logs */, isGroupCollapsed: false /** Render groups collapsed */, groupLabelRenderer: ( /** A function which will be used to render labels for the group */ type /** Current stage of component lifecycle: 'Mount' | 'Change' | 'Unmount' */, componentName, ) => `${type}${componentName}`, // Custom Render Function render: function ({ /** Custom function which will be used for rendering the result, provided with useful data */ value, prevValue, type /** Current stage of component lifecycle: 'Mount' | 'Change' | 'Unmount' */, componentName, inline /** Render object or array inline or via interactive browser renderer */, flags: { isGrouped /** Enable grouping for logs */, isCollapsed /** Render groups collapsed */, }, }) { console.log(value) }, }) const [state, setState] = useState(null) // It's possible to redefine any configuration option per log call! log(state, { inline: false, logLevel: 'warn', }) return null }


Will it deep copy the value to make sure it will persist in the logs?

  • 🎉 Yes, 🪵 react-log-hook deep copies the value to make sure it will not be changed in the logs later

Do i need to install @types/react-log-hook as well?

  • 💪 No, 🪵 react-log-hook comes with prebundled types

Will it run in production evironment?

  • By default 🪵 react-log-hook will run only in dev or development node evironments defined by NODE_ENV


  • Add previous state checking
  • Use object copy to persist in time
  • Use console groups to handle all the logs
  • Add dev environment support by default
  • Polish the looks with component names, function calls, time etc
  • Add more customization options
  • Test with SSR & Server components


  • 🌟 Stars & 📥 Pull Requests are welcome for sure! ❤️


🪵 react-log-hook uses npm & npm scripts in development, the following scipts can be handy:

npm run start:demo

Starts a demo app with enabled hook to check it in real environment

npm run storybook

Starts storybook with example components to test against

npm run release:check

Combination of linting, type-checking & tests; runs as precommit hook


MIT License

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