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Redefined chart library built with React and D3

Redefined chart library built with React and D3


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Recharts is a Redefined chart library built with React and D3.

The main purpose of this library is to help you to write charts in React applications without any pain. Main principles of Recharts are:

  1. Simply deploy with React components.
  2. Native SVG support, lightweight depending only on some D3 submodules.
  3. Declarative components, components of charts are purely presentational.

Documentation at

Please see the wiki for FAQ.


<LineChart width={400} height={400} data={data} margin={{ top: 5, right: 20, left: 10, bottom: 5 }} > <XAxis dataKey="name" /> <Tooltip /> <CartesianGrid stroke="#f5f5f5" /> <Line type="monotone" dataKey="uv" stroke="#ff7300" yAxisId={0} /> <Line type="monotone" dataKey="pv" stroke="#387908" yAxisId={1} /> </LineChart>

All the components of Recharts are clearly separated. The lineChart is composed of x axis, tooltip, grid, and line items, and each of them is an independent React Component. The clear separation and composition of components is one of the principle Recharts follows.



NPM is the easiest and fastest way to get started using Recharts. It is also the recommended installation method when building single-page applications (SPAs). It pairs nicely with a CommonJS module bundler such as Webpack.

# latest stable
$ npm install recharts


The UMD build is also available on

<script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script>

Then you can find the library on window.Recharts.

dev build

$ git clone
$ cd recharts
$ npm install
$ npm run build


To examine the demos in your local build, execute:

$ npm run[-script] demo

and then browse to http://localhost:3000.

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Copyright (c) 2015-2022 Recharts Group.

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