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Maine’s Reentry Resources Networking Site

Help Wanted

🌟 If you support our cause, please give this repo a star 🌟

This site is being built for Maine Community of reentry advocates and/or anyone who concerns themselves with sucsesfull prisoner reintergration. NAMI, MPRN and MPAC are all non-profit orginizations that are fully involved in prisoner reentry. They have agreed to maintain this site after it is launched and spread the word as fast as possible to get every resource in the state signed up to this site. I’m estimating a 2000+ user base from day one.

Were hoping to find some willing developers to donate some of there time and experiance to help us build this website for a worthy cause. This website will help thousands of Maine’s Prisoners have a more successful reentry back into society.

If you would like to contribute, just comment on an issue and I will assign it to you. If you see something you would like to fix, make an issue. If you have questions or run into a problem, post your questions to the issue or under the discussions. I will help however I can. Also, please read the Contribution Guideline in the link below. When you have compleated an issue, make sure you fork is up to date with mine, and submit a pull requst. Thank you to everyone helping to make this site.

Click Here to Read the Contribution Guideline

Contributors have permission to add this site to their Web Developer portfolio after making a viable contribution.

To run this site:

  • Click the star button (upper right corner of repo).
  • Click on the code button (upper right corner of repo).
  • Switch tab to codespaces
  • If there is a codespace already set up click on it.
    or click on start a codespace
  • Wait for codespace to finish loading files and setting up.
  • Click the 3-lines Icon in upper-left corner.
  • Click on terminal, then new terminal
    • In the terminal type npm install to install dependences
    • Once that has finished, type npm start
  • When you see the pop up click “Open in browser”.
  • It will take a moment to load. If you see an error message
    in new window, wait for files to finish loading in terminal and reload the new window.
  • Click on sign in with google and enjoy exploring!

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