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Responsive bookmark Website Using React Js

Responsive bookmark Website Using React Js

Imran Baitham Portfolio Website

Responsive portfolio Website 😎

  • Responsive bookmark Website Using React Js, TypeScript, Next Js, Tailwind Css.
  • Contains animations when scrolling.
  • It has three color designs (green, red and black)
  • Smooth scrolling in each section.
  • Developed first with the Mobile First methodology, then for desktop.
  • Compatible with all mobile devices and with a beautiful and pleasant user interface.

follow the profile to see more repos like this. imran-baitham


This WebSite is on Production 🤩

  1. No figma
  2. Create with Brean Power 💯
  3. No any Help 😓

Merge pull request target #132 😈


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