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slick-animation let´s you easy animate your elements which are contained in your Slick.




0.3.3 Beta


bower install slick-animation

Basic Usage

  • HTML
<div data-animation-in=„fadeIn“><div>
  • CSS

Add the following css to your css files:

#your-slider [data-animation-in] {
    opacity: 0;
  • JavaScript

Replace `#your-slider´ with your own id oder class.

Advanced Usage

You have several options for the animation.

  • animation in: data-animation-in

  • animation delay in: data-delay-in

  • animation duration in: data-duration-in

  • animation out: data-animation-out

  • animation delay out: data-delay-out

  • animation duration out: data-duration-out

  • HTML

<div data-animation-in="fadeIn" data-delay-in="2" data-duration-in="2" data-animation-out="fadeOUt" data-delay-out="2" data-duration-out="2"></div>


This library is still in a beta phase, fell free to fork and make a pull request.

Bug Tracker

If you find a bug, please report it [here on Github!] (

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Developed by Marvin Hübner

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