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snippetlly landing page

Snippetlly is a code snippet storing and managing web app aimed at improving the developers’ 👨‍💻 productivity

This project is a part of my #100daysofcode challenge 🚀. Be connected with me on LinkedIn for daily updates on the project 😉

Features to be implemented 🎯

  • User authentication 🔐
  • Users can create projects
  • Each project could have a list of code snippets related to the project
  • Projects could be either public or private 🌍
  • The project owner can add members to the project
  • Code snippets can be upvoted and bookmarked 🔖

Tech Stack

TypeScript NodeJS Next JS Sequelize Express.js MySQL

Dev Tools

Visual Studio Code NPM Git

Feel free to share your suggestions 😉🥂

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