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Android Project with helper classes for login through facebook, twitter and google


I have used following libraries:

For Google Login

  compile ''
  1. Create app in Google Developer Console by filling out this form:

  2. Enable Google Signin.

  3. Get Web Client id mentioned in Oauth 2.0 client ids area here:

  4. Set this Client id before using instance of GooglePlusSignInHelper :

    GooglePlusSignInHelper.setClient(<YOUR CLIENT ID>)

Note: If you want google+ information, you need to do following steps:

  1. Make sure that Google+ Api is enabled in Google Developer Console.

  2. Include this dependency:

  compile ''

Then, you can access all information through person object in GooglePlusSignInHelper success callback.

For Facebook Login

compile ''
  1. Create app in Facebook Developer Console.

  2. Follow the steps mentioned here :

For Twitter Login


You need to approve your application for email access by filling form at:

You can use following helper classes for integrating any type of login process in your application.




If there is some problem, feel free to contact me( ).

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