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Solana NFT Marketplace built with Next.js

Solana NFT Marketplace built with Next.js

Solana Nft Marketplace (FinalProjectSolana)

🎯 $\textcolor{gray}{In\ this\ project\ you\ have\ to\ know:}$


🛠 $\textcolor{gray}{Install\ dependencies}$

npm install @metaplex-foundation/js
npm install @solana/wallet-adapter-base
npm install @solana/wallet-adapter-react-ui
npm install @tailwindcss/typography
npm install typewriter-effect
npm install @solana/web3.js
Responsive Desktop
image image

$\textcolor{gray}{With\ this\ App}$ 🚀

Solana NftMArketplace
image image


📝 $\textcolor{gray}{Let’s\ start}$

To run this repo :

npm install


yarn install

Warning Please be sure that you install all dependencies!

And write in your terminal :

npm run dev

And have fun 🎉

$\textcolor{gray}{Let’s\ scroll\ through\ the\ pages}$

  • 👀 $\textcolor{gray}{With\ this\ page\ you\ can\ learn\ your\ balance\ and\ airdrop\ to\ your\ account.}$


  • 🛠 $\textcolor{gray}{If\ you\ have\ Nfts\ in\ your\ account\ this\ page\ displays\ your\ all\ nfts\ automaticly.}$


  • $\textcolor{gray}{Explore !!!\ You\ can\ explore\ and\ filter\ Nfts\ by\ names.}$


  • 🍭 $\textcolor{gray}{If\ you\ have\ cany\ machine\ addres\ you\ can\ easily\ get\ your\ nfts\ from\ candy\ machine.}$

If you have no address you can try with mine :



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