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The Golden Keyword Ratio of SEO

The Golden Keyword Ratio of SEO

There’re many strategies for selecting topics to blog about, and using the keyword golden ratio is one of them.

In this article, we’ll look at the keyword golden ratio and how to use them to our advantage.

Long-Tail Keywords

If we want to have success in blogging faster, then we have to choose some long-tail keywords.

They’re keywords that aren’t as competitive since they’re longer than the usual popular keywords and therefore, there aren’t as many results competing for rankings by Google.

They are things like “best shaver for men” instead of “best shaver”.

Long-tail keywords have more words in them, so they’re less likely to be in as many articles as shorter keywords.

Keyword Golden Ratio

Doug Cunnington’s keyword golden ratio (KGR) is all about finding those long-tail keywords in a more systematic way.

It lets us get the keywords that are long-tail without us flying blind to find them.

The ratio is the number of alltitle results on Google divided by the search volume.

We can get the search volume of a keyword with keyword tools like the Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Surfer.

For instance, if we want to get the KGR of the keyword “best shaver for men”, we do the following.

First, we find the search volume for “best shaver for men”, which is 7310 according to Keyword Surfer, as we see below:

Then we can get the number of allintitle result searches as follows:

Then the KGR for “best shaver for men” is 3150 / 7310, which 0.43. Any KGR that’s less than 1 is worth targeting with our posts if the search volume is less than 250.

Therefore, since they’re more than 7000 in search volume for “best shaver for men”, we should probably skip it even if the KGR is less than 1 if we following the KGR rule strictly.

The rule is to write posts that target keywords with the following characteristics:

  • less than 250 search volume
  • KGR less than 1, less than 0.25 is even better

We can use KGR as a rough guide or follow it strictly depending on our preferences.

However, since we use a keyword tool, it does give us a better idea of what keywords we should have in our posts.

It also gives us ideas for topics to write about even though we may be running out of ideas.

Keyword tools are great for providing us with ideas and the KGR rules narrow down the set of keywords that we should target.


Using the KGR rule to look for keywords that we want to target in our post is one way to get our keywords ranked easily and to find out what we should write about.

The important takeaway is that we should be targeting keywords that aren’t too competitive.

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